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Performance Based Prevention System

The PBPS delivers the customized tools

your state needs to achieve success.

CPGSI's innovative PBPS is a user friendly data management, evaluation, and

reporting system. The PBPS delivers the tools states need to collect real-time data and satisfy

Substance Abuse Prevention Block Grant, State Opioid Response, and Partnership for Success grant requirements.

Our powerful analysis and reporting function has the capacity to create more than

200,000 unique reports in multiple formats and instantly produce the standard

federal Block Grant reports.

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  • Incorporates the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to encourage the use of best practices, inform decision-making, and manage programs
  • Collects and reports data from substance abuse prevention providers
  • Allows prevention providers, coalitions, regional entities and states to collect, graph, and analyze data to measure program impact and performance outcomes.
  • Tracks funding by provider, SAMHSA code/strategy, and IOM Target to allow for easy grant reporting.
  • Provides advanced report generation features that allow users to demonstrate their effectiveness in real time and produce visually appealing reports for the community and other stakeholders.

"Prevention stakeholders in Florida finally have a data system they can rely on for accurate data collection and instant reporting. This user-friendly system has been a great tool to enhance prevention planning, increase understanding of reach, showcase capacity, and ensure data consistency across all of our users"

Kathleen Roberts, Executive Director, Community Coalition Alliance (Former Prevention Lead, Florida Department of Children and Families)

For technical support for current clients, contact support@collaborateandgrow.com