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WellScreen Assessment System

Managing your SBIRT

program just got easier.

WellScreen is an online, tablet-enabled database and reporting tool

designed to assist organizations in conducting screenings, tracking outcomes,

and reporting on the implementation of their SBIRT initiatives.

The system will save your organization time and money.

Drug and alcohol dependencies are preventable and treatable public health

problems that cost the United States an estimated $414 billion annually. Screening,

Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an effective public health

strategy that can be used in a variety of community settings to screen, identify,

and appropriately intervene with individuals who are at risk for substance

use dependence. This strategy saves lives and money.

It is estimated that SBIRT produces $5.60 in total benefit for every $1 invested

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Guides practitioners through screenings using evidence-based tools (CRAFFT, S2BI and Assist)

Provides screening outcomes reports for each client to help inform the practitioner in designing an individualized plan.

Saves the individualized plan for each client/patient and links to the SAMHSA Treatment Locator to connect patients with resources.

Compares initial screening with 60-day follow-up screening results.

Tracks, at the provider level, the number of individuals screened, number of positive screens, number of brief interventions completed, number of brief treatments completed, and the number of referrals to treatment.

Aggregates data for administrators and evaluators to use to evaluate program effectiveness and impact.

For technical support for current clients, contact support@collaborateandgrow.com